Lab Members

Principal Investigator


Jared E. Toettcher, Ph.D. (he/him)
Research Interests: Understanding and controlling complex cell behaviors
[email protected]
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Harry McNamara, Ph.D. (he/him)
Research Interests:  


Beatrice Ramm, Ph.D. (she/her)
Research Interests:
[email protected]


Emily Kolenbrander Ho, Ph.D. (she/her)
Research Interests: Developmental biology, signaling dynamics


Chetan Aditya

Chetan Aditya, Ph.D.
Research Interests: 
[email protected] 



Long Nguyen

Long Nguyen, Ph.D. (Co-advised with Cameron Myhrvold)
Research Interests: CRISPR gene editing, protein engineering, cellular engineering
[email protected] 

Graduate Students


Liyuan Zhu
Research Interests: Protein engineering
[email protected]


Evan Underhill
Research Interests:
[email protected]


Richard Thornton (he/him)
Janssen SODEP
Research Interests:
[email protected]


Sabrina Solley (Co-advised with Britt Adamson) (she/her)
Research Interests: Signaling dynamics, gene regulation



Qinhao Cao (he/him)
Research Interests:
[email protected]  


Yang Gao

Yang Gao (she/her)
Research Interests:
[email protected]


Beena Lad

Beena Lad (she/her)
Research Interests:
[email protected]



Harrison Oatman

Harrison Oatman (co-advised with Stas Shvartsman)
Research Interests:
[email protected] 




Alison Araten

Alison Araten '25
Research Interests:
[email protected] 


Luke Barrett

Luke Barrett '25
Research Interests:
[email protected] 


Eric Lee

Eric Lee '24 (he/him)
Research Interests:
[email protected]

Administrative Assistant


Ellen Brindle-Clark
Faculty Assistant
[email protected]


Former Postdocs

Max Wilson, Ph.D. 2015-2018 (Now: Assistant Professor at University of California, Santa Barbara) 
Agnieska Gil, Ph.D. 2016-2020 (Now: Senior Scientist in Protein Engineering Group at Merck) Email.
Heath Johnson, Ph.D. 2015-2020 (Now: Assistant Professor at The University of Hong Kong
Rebecca Kim-Yip, Ph.D. 2018-2022 
Ellen Brumbaugh-Reed, Ph.D. 2020-2024

Former Graduate Students

Whitney Warren, 2016-2018
Evan Zhao, Ph.D. 2015-2019 (Now: Postdoc at MIT)
Alexander Goglia, M.D./Ph.D. 2015-2019 (Now: Research Pathway Resident at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center)
Elliot "Flex" Dine, Ph.D. 2015-2020 (Now: Postdoc in Youle Lab at NIH)
Sidu Jena, Ph.D. 2016-2021 (Now: Postdoc in Buenrostro Lab at Harvard/Broad Institute)
Sarah McFann, Ph.D. 2016-2022
Ping Wu, Ph.D. 2016-2022
Payam Farahani, Ph.D. 2017-2023 (Now: Scientist at InduPro)
Emily Mesev, Ph.D. 2017-2023

Former Undergraduates

Daniel DiGiorno '16
Jennifer Lee '17 (Now: Microsoft)
Jillian Silbert '18 (Now: The Hadar Institute, NY)
Joshua Kim '18
Danielle Isakov '19 (Now: Sloan-Kettering Memorial)
Kirit Limperis '19 (Now: Graduate Student at Columbia University)
Annan Timon '19
Giselle Uribe '20
Haeun Jung '20
Pavithran Ravindran '19, 2015-2021 (Now: MD/Ph.D Student at UPenn)
Linda Nie '21
Catherine Yu '21
Kaylan Fomby '22
Jack Hariri '22
Dev Patel '23 
Rachel Hsu '23

Former Lab Managers

Nicole Pannucci, M.D., Ph.D.

Former Visiting Students

Brittany Williams, Summer 2018 (From: University of Arizona)
Haruko Miura, Fall 2018 (From: Kyoto University, Japan)
Qinhao Cao, Summer 2019 (From: Zhejiang University)